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Casa Stone Nano Glass is heat resistant, nonporous, it is highly resistant to stains, recyclable, comparing to granite or Quartz, Nano Glass is much harder to break. Nano Glass is extremely dense and strong. It is even less prone to chipping than granite or Quartz.


*Easy to maintain because it does not have to be sealed.

*With a water absorbency close to zero, it is highly unlikely that this material will absorb any liquids.

*Acid and alkali pH tolerance. Nano Glass is super strong acid and alkali resistant.

*Nano Glass is heat resistant, nonporous, it is highly resistant to stains, recyclable.

*Nano Glass is made from natural materials as ordinary glass but it is much harder than glass. It is environmentally friendly.

*Nano Glass is hard to break. Comparing to granite or Quartz, Nano Glass is much harder to break.

*Nano Glass is extremely dense and strong. It is even less prone to chipping than granite or Quartz.

*Nano Glass can be used indoor and outdoor for countertops, walls and floors.

*Nano Glass comes in colors or it can be the purest white material for your kitchen countertops.

*Since Nano Glass is hard to break, the regular thickness of tops is 18mm

*Due to the hardness of Nano Glass – Eased, bevel or bullnose edge profiles are not available, flat polish or double profile will be fabricated.

Nano Glass is a classic beauty because it is very smooth to the touch and looks amazing!
If your want a sleek, glossy and elegant kitchen countertops, think Nano Glass!

It’s superior quality makes Nano Glass the best choice for countertops

Nano Glass is perfect for:
kitchen countertops, full backsplashes, tabletops, bathroom vanity tops, walls, floors, windowsills, walls, all commercial applications: hotels, restaurants, etc.

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Casa Stone Nano Glass


How to install kitchen table top

Survey of consumers reviews

Scope of the survey

1. Scratch Resistant 

2. Heat Resistant 

3. Stain Resistant

4. Acid Resistant

5. Workmanship

  • Casa Stone Quartz Surfaces 93.1% 93.1%
  • Competitors Quartz Surfaces 46.8% 46.8%
  • Marble Counter Top 22.3% 22.3%
  • Laminate Counter Top 56.9% 56.9%
  • Solid Surfaces 3.25% 3.25%


Once Again Ratings Break 90 Percent