BenefitsDescriptionCasaStoneGraniteCompact LaminateSolid Surfaces
High temperature heat resistantCasaStone is 93% Natural Quartz, and withstands hot kitchen utensils.
Non-porous water absorptionCasaStone’s non-porous surface is resistant to bacterial growth which makes it ideal for food preparation surfaces, hospitals and clinics.
Easy maintenance and cleaningCasaStone is durable, need no sealing or waxing, and will maintain its beauty.
Scratch resistantCasaStone is among the hardest materials available, therefore will not easily scratch.
Colour and glossiness consistencyCasaStone's computerized technology delivers consistency not possible with Granite. You receive the colour ordered.
Non-toxic and non-radiationCasaStone is manufactured from natural materials that make it non-toxic and radiation-free.
Crack and impact resistantCasaStone's strength and flexibility makes it less vulnerable than Natural Stone.
Mold and mildew resistantCasaStone’s non-porous surface makes it more resistant than Granite.
Acid resistantCasaStone is highly resistant to acid, even bleach would not change the colour of the surfaces.
Stain resistantCasaStone is non-porous, extremely stain resistant, requires no maintenance.
Test Item(s)Test Method(s)Test Result(s)
Absorption By WeightASTM C97/C97M-090.05%
DensityASTM C97/C97M-092350 km/m3
Abrasion Resistance (Polished)ASTM C241/C241M-1351
Flexural StrengthASTM C880/C880M-09Dry Condition: 35.8 Mpa Wet Condition: 38.0 MPa
Comprehensive StrengthASTM C170/C170M-09Dry Condition: 199 Mpa Wet Condition: 192 MPa
Specular Gloss (60°)ASTM D523-0842.5
Linear Shrinkage and Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionASTM C531-0036x10-6/. C
Mohs' Hardness (Polished)EN 101:19917~8
Linear Thermal Expansion CoefficientRefer to ISO 10545-8:199435x10-6/. C